Computer Problems Over The Holidays Sorted

Technology problems over the holidays? We’ve got your back! Did you buy a laptop in the Boxing Day sales and you can’t connect it to the wi-fi? Have your kids given you an iPad for Christmas and you want to know how to use it? Maybe the grandchildren played on your computer and now your emails won’t send… Don’t worry our Geeks are available for you right through the Holiday period.

2017 School BYOD Laptop Guide For Primary, Secondary and Uni Students

With Schools going back we have decided to put together a New Zealand laptop buyers guide for primary, secondary and Uni students. We know you are probably full of questions and have been bombarded with the message to BYOD! Put an end to the confusion, and take a look at our top picks for laptop devices suited to your child’s age and needs in our parent’s guide.

PCs Aren’t Dying. They’re Just Way Overpriced.

The PC industry is hitting the panic button after a recent report from market analysis firm.  Analysis stated that worldwide computer shipments were down 13 percent in the first quarter of this year compared with the same time last year, and are at their lowest since mid-2011. Taken out of context, reports like this are not just frightening, but dangerous: They give both consumers and corporate decision makers the false impression that we’re living .